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Antiaging Nutrition Tips

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Antiaging tips - Fight aging through better nutrition and eating habits.
Antiaging through proper nutrition can reduce the visible effects. Nutrition and a balanced diet of the right foods and nutrient will reduce the aging effects. The effects of aging differs greatly form person to person, race and lifestyle. But there are three antiaging category factors that can reduce the physical signs of ageing, other than proper skin care, to improve longevity, and physical wellbeing while maintaining an overall youthful look:
 Nutrition: Because you are what you eat and many of the foods you normally take in fact have negative dietary side effects that increase the signs of ageing. Other foods on the contrary fight the  affects of ageing with antioxidants to eliminate free radicals. This is the side we will focus on this page, as well as understanding the effects of free radicals in the ageing process and how antioxidants help with their antiaging properties far better than creams and cosmetics.
 Habits: Because our lives are full of negative activities some of the key habits that effect the physical traits of ageing will be covered at the bottom of the web page. As well some improvements in cosmetics and the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids are excellent at antiaging. These age old ingredients Alpha Hydroxy Acids are avilible in good cosmetic brands.
 Exercise: Exercise is beneficial in so many ways. This is not to say 20 hours of gym are required, but physical activity is a great way to reduce fat, fight overweight, maintain strong bones and muscles, protect the heart and sweat toxins. You can get more on fitness and small daily exercises here.
Foods that favour antiaging
Which fruits and vegetables for anti-aging?
To help the regeneration of damaged cells, prevent the effects of cancer and all natural raw foods that are often deficient in our daily diets should be increased. The 5 a day rule of thumb is a minimum daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and bright coloured vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and citrus fruits have a high antiaging value and are good sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that prevent the effects of aging. Blueberries and red peppers are notably high in antioxidants, especially red peppers with 4 times the amount of vitamin C as oranges. fruits and vegetables are also an excellent source of complex carbohydrates.
Complex carbohydrates and antiaging
Up to 65% of your diet should come from fibre rich complex carbohydrates. Not to be confused with simple unhealthy carbohydrates. The majority of these fibre should come from raw fruits and vegetables,
unrefined whole grain foods such as whole rice and whole flour pasta.  The rest of the diet should contain no more than 15% protein rich foods such as fresh meat and dairy protect. Ensure that simple carbs do not exceed 15% of the diet.
Fluids and water

Drink more fluids. Mild dehydration does occur, though it is not common in western society. Increasing fluid intake is important for healthy skin, promotes sweating when combined with a regular routine of exercise. The amount of fluids required depends on your lifestyle, more indications can be found on the what to drink page of this website. In general, if you include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, much of your fluid requirements will come from that. Drink freshly squeezed 100%, no additive juices as it removes the excess in fibre, increases intake of vitamins and of antioxidants as well as brings fluids to your body. A cup of good quality tea, coffee and a glass of red wine will also bring trace elements (see mediterranean diet), antioxidants and many additional nutrients that fight the effects of aging. You should never exceed 1 / one glass of wine a day and 1 or 2 cups of tea or coffee.

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Foods that accelerate the aging process
Simple carbohydrates & refined foods
In every day life, almost everything you eat comes with a large dose of simple carbs in the form of white refined, industrial flours and sugars. These white refined foods are poor nutritionally, promote weight gain and aging and reduce longevity. Banning refined foods to favour high fibre unrefined foods such as whole-grain products and raw sugar will go a long way in controlling your weight and fending off the signs of aging.
Avoiding processed foods

Processed foods  may cause cell degeneration and are a significant contributor to the aging process. Yes even if it says all natural on the box. Processed foods, all of them are high in simple carbohydrates, that is the" bad one". They represent a high source of unrefined sugars, artificial sweeteners hydrogenated oils, preserved meats, etc. Avoid microwave dinners, puffed foods and grains and all artificial sweeteners! Processed foods contain preservative, artificial ingredients, monosodium glutamate, corn syrup and artificial colourings especially in items such as cakes, candy, cookies and soda.

Avoiding fatty foods
Fatty foods have a significant strongly influence the physical signs of aging. Deep fried foods notably should be reduced to an utter minimum if not banned. Chips, fries and greasy foods are a great source for bad cholesterols cooked in unhealthy vegetable oils that will promote overweight and obesity and impact your skin and health.
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Antioxidants against free radicals for antiaging
What is a free radical?
In a nut shell, free radicals of a natural occurring process in the human body whereby atoms or groups of atoms lose their stable properties. During metabolism weak bonds in molecules will split, leaving atoms that are unstable because they are missing an electron. The natural reaction of the atom is to stabilise itself. It will thus go to the nearest stable molecule and attempt to steal on of its electrons. This cascading effect can damage and destroy cells and promote the effects of aging.
How do antioxidants help?

The natural body defences come from antioxidants, notably vitamin C and vitamin E who come into play by giving one of their own electrons to stabilize the free radical and stop the stealing rampage of electron stealing. These antiaging antioxidants in tern do not become free radicals, that is their unique property. The antioxidant nutrients act as scavengers preventing further cell damage and promoting cell regeneration, thus antioxidants help the anti-aging process and increase longevity.

The two key sources of antioxidants are water soluble vitamin C and fat soluble vitamin E. Vitamin E is the most efficient antioxidant and is also the most abundant in our diet. It is the one you need the less of. See detail on vitamin E on the vitamins page.

Antiaging antioxidant, Vitamin C being water soluble requires more and heftier intake as, unlike antiaging antioxidant vitamin E, the body cannot store it for long periods of time and needs to be replenished. This is where multi vitamins and supplements of vitamin C together with raw fruits and vegetables is important to top up our daily intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C is also excellent at fighting against the effect of free radicals created from smoking and pollution.

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Changing antiaging habits
Getting enough sleep
It might not sound so obvious but sleep is a great way to allow the body, muscles and tissue to relax and especially repair. Not allowing this phase to happen shortens thee repair cycle of your skin cells. Contracted  muscles also increase the propensity of visual wrinkles in the skin. During the night, more time is allowed for skin to absorb the cosmetic, antiwrinkle night creams or antiaging medicine that bring the nutrients, such as vitamin E to your skin.
Smocking and pollution
Smoking and pollution are tremendous cause of free radicals in the human body which leads to cell degeneration, heart disease, reduced life span, tissue damage and wrinkles.  Other then the other endless benefits of quitting smoking, it will reduce free radicals an improve the absorption of vitamin C by the body which in turn fight free radicals.
Stress and anxiety
Stress and anxiety effects many functions of the body, including digestion, eating habits and eating patterns. It is important to have 3 to 4 small meals a day in order to ensure a healthy diet. Stress generally effects this. as well it effects the blood system, which in turn increase cell degeneration and your youthful appearance.  All the more, it increases muscle contractions in the face and the propensity to have wrinkles. The  greater likelihood of wrinkles then makes you up the anti wrinkle cream usage...
Physical fitness and exercise
Fitness and exercise promote strong bones, healthy skin, but especially sweating and good blood circulation. the elimination of toxins as well as a strong blood circulatory system prevents coronary heart disease, heart attacks and promote healthier looking skin and the physical signs of aging, as well as arthritis, weak joint and muscles. All the more being overweight or obese will increase the signs and appearance of age. another reason to exercise and lose weight.
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