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Cure for razor bumps

Avoiding razor bumps

Razor bumps can be painful. Shaving can be agonizing if you suffer from them. They are predominantly found of the faces of men with wiry, curly and coarse hair, which is why a lot of black men use depilatory creams rather than razor blades. Some depilatories, however, can cause pain when used on irritated skin. Up to eighty percent of black men have this problem. Razor bumps develop when beard hairs (usually on the neck and throat) burrow and grow into the skin at the hair follicle. Shaving sharpens the ends of the hair which lets them penetrate the skin more easily thus causing razor bumps. It is possible to buy creams which help but they cause side effects if used for a long time.

Causes of razor bumps

Ingrown hairs cause razor bumps

Men and women both can get ingrown hairs but men have coarser hair follicles on the face so usually suffer more. If a hair has been cut or removed from below the surface of the skin, this can result in ingrown hairs. The hair curls within the follicle making it unable to reach the outer surface. This results in a bump on the skin where the hair is underneath.
When a growing hair exits the follicle successfully sometimes it can bend back in again, resulting in a bump.

Going against ingrown hairs cause razor bumps

Some men use tweezers to remove these bumps but scratching the skin with them can cause irritation.

Useful tips to avoid razor bumps

Some useful tips to avoid ingrown hairs  that cause razor bumps include applying a shaving lotion after you shave to reduce the appearance of redness or swelling. There are a variety of lotions available for both men and women. If you use a razor, use a clean blade each time you shave or at least for every three shaves. If you prefer an electric razor, you should replace the foil or rotary blades after several months. You might have to replace them more often if you shave large areas (for example, a woman who shaves her legs) or if you shave every day. Unfortunately, rotary blade compartments can be costly.
If you use a handheld razor, shave in the direction of hair g

rowth. Most facial hair grows downwards so shave that way too. If you shave against the grain, pointy sharp hairs are encouraged which can result in ingrown hairs. Do not stretch your skin to obtain a closer shave. This can cause discoloration of the skin tissue underneath. This affects light and fair skinned men worse.

Fatty foods which contain oils, sodium and cholesterol can make your skin easier to damage while shaving.

Depilatories can work quickly but they can also encourage redness and irritation. Do not use alcohol-based creams straight after using a depilatory. It stings – a lot!
If all else fails, and you are not in the military or in a high-powered job, grow a beard. You will save money on razors and cure the ingrown hair problem altogether. This is a last resort if you dislike facial hair but it might be preferable to the daily agony that ingrown hairs can bring.

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