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What is Mastocytosis and its symptoms

What is Mastocytosis?

Defining Mastocytosis Disease: Skin growths can develop at anytime it is important to get them all checked out by a professional, as some will be benign (non-cancerous) while other may be malignant (cancerous). Mastocytosis is a difficult one to discuss only because it is a simple yet complicated rare disease. Basically it is when the body produces to many Mast Cells (key part of the immune system) excessive cells. There are two types of Mastocytosis Cutaneous (skin) or urticaria pigmentosa, which affects the outer skin and systemic which affects the inner workings of the body.

Symptoms & Effects of Mastocytosis

With the excessive production of mast cells the body releases too much  chemicals such as cytokines and histamines, it will cause itching, abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting skin lesions, and in some cases can lead to shock or low blood pressure.

Diagnosing Mastocytosis : your doctor can determine if you have cutaneous (skin) Mastocytosis after inspecting the skin, the may see the appearance of too many mast cells and do a biopsy to confirm any suspicions. Systemic Mastocystosis can be determined a few ways, through bone scanning, bone marrow testing, blood-work and also through urine. The high amount of the fore mentioned chemicals in the blood or urine is a way doctors can determine if you have the systemic type of this disease.

Getting medical advice before treatment

It is essential that in any case medical advice from a doctor or physician is  obtained. In many cases the treatment can be as simple as the use of Antihistamines to treat the itching of the skin, block histamines, which are released by the mast cells, has positive affects for low blood pressure and can be used to treat ulcers, and stomach conditions. Corticosteroids used to treat lesions that can develop, a topical steroid can be used directly on the skin, inhaled, or systemically as an effective way to reduce inflammation associated with Mastocytosis. Anticholinergics are used to relieve any intestinal cramping that may occur with the onset of this skin aliment. When Mastocytosis turns out to be cancerous or linked to a blood disorder, steroids or chemotherapy may be used to fight the disorder. Doctors are also working on drugs that may block the chemical released from the mast cells. If you have any of these symptoms you should see your doctor.

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