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Not so rare diseases
Male contraception

Contraceptives for men coming out in a store near you? Learn more Here

Do you have Onycholysis?

Symptoms of this disease appears in your nails and on your toes! More Here

Male Breast cancer

500 men die every year of breast cancer in the united states, do you have it?
Symptoms and treatments read ... Here

Scabies Skin Disease

Understand this contagious skin disease transmitted by mites, common is schools and at the office. Here

Avoid getting Razor Bumps

After shaving hair grows back into the follicle, causing nasty bumps,
what can you do to prevent this?  Here

What is Rosacea disease?

An acne like disease that effects the face. Rosacea requires serious medical attention before it spreads. Here

Fungal Rashes

Many types of fungal rashes affect your health, jock itch is but one of many,
so should you worry?  Here

What are Beau's line?

Disease effecting your finger nails that create lines of dead plate, read more on the symptoms and treatment. Here

Symptoms of Mastocytosis?

Mast cell disease effecting your skin and requiring medical attention Here

Steven Johnson Syndrome

Understand diagnosing and various treatments for Steven Johnson syndrome?  Here

Preventing prostate cancer

1 in 6 men will have prostate cancer. Antioxidants can prevent the risks of prostate cancer... read more  Here
Yellow Nail Syndrome

YNS treatments and diagnosis for the Yellow nail syndrome read more...  Here


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