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Can you prevent Prostate Cancer with Green Tea

The third leading cause of death in males is prostate cancer. Only lung cancer and colorectal cancer cause more premature deaths. One man in six will get prostate cancer at some point in his life but only one man in thirty four will die from it. There are superior treatments and earlier detection methods available now so the death rate is falling for this particular disease. If it is possible to learn the cause of prostate cancer, we can begin to prevent this disease and other types of cancer. There is still much improvement to be made on cancer treatments and research and studies are ongoing. There is no absolute cure or prevention for cancer as yet, but many diverse treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can help greatly in eradicating it once it has started in a patient.

Green tea as shown signs of prostate cancer prevention

Green tea has been shown to prevent prostate cancer and other cancer types. Studies of Asian culture have demonstrated these findings. Green tea has always been widely drunk throughout Asia. The UK Tea Council undertook a study which proved that green tea acts against Reactive Oxygen Species, a form of free radicals which damage cells. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) contributes to the onset of prostate cancer more than other free radicals when produced excessively. Green tea contains antioxidants which can kill all these free radicals so stop cancer cells being produced. Free radicals are created in the first place by our bodies converting food into energy. If the level of free radicals is not controlled, they can lead to cell and DNA damage which makes us age faster and puts us at greater risk of cancer and other illnesses.

A diet rich in antioxidants is regarded by many healthcare professionals as one very good way to prevent premature aging and prostate cancer among other forms of cancer. Green tea provides plenty of natural antioxidants, as do certain vegetables and fruits. Easily obtainable fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, pomegranates, artichokes, asparagus and tomatoes can help in the fight against various forms of cancer because of their antioxidant properties. It is recommended to each some of these foods daily and to drink green tea. If you dislike the flavour of green tea, it is also available in flavoured varieties such as melon, mint or vanilla or you can add honey or a sweetener. It tastes mild and most people seem to find it pleasant. You can also drink it chilled with ice and fresh mint leaves.
Green tea is a natural product and has been found to produce no side effects. It is a lot lower in caffeine than black tea or coffee and the caffeine it does contain does not cause jitters and a speeding up of the heart rate, like black tea and coffee can.
American men drink a lot of caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea (usually black not green) and cola, sadly unaware that green tea could slash the odds of them ending up with prostate cancer because of this habit.

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