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What are Beaus Line on finger nails?

Understanding Beaus Lines on fingernails

Beau's Lines are a condition some call a disease that effects the appearance and growth of the finger nail. Un-aesthetical and rarely dangerous, this article brings insight to this medical condition that effects your finger nails.

What does Beau's line look like on nails?

Beau's lines or Beau-Reil could be understood as local or global disturbances in he nail matrix that might result in indentations across the nails, or depressions of the nail plates. It might result in transverse bilateral lines or grooves across the fingernails. German anatomist Johann Christian Reil who observed this in 1796 and French physician Joseph Honore Simon Beau fifty years after him are credited with its discovery and as such this disorder is named after them.

Symptoms and effects of Beau's Lines

Beau's lines are generally representative of the disease of the nail fold or skin disease but most of the experts believe that this disease actually results from body repelling its abuse in the form of use of excessive drugs or chemotherapy or certain diseases like pneumonia, syphilis, myocarditis, hypocalcaemia, diabetes, hay fever or peripheral vascular disease. Similar effects can also take place when a blow to the finger nail stops it from growing. But this last case is not the real Beau's line. You might find this disorder as normal condition in a new born but it generally vanishes in the first month of birth.

In case of adults, you would find the longitudinal lines till the nail grow out of the affected area and you cut it out. It generally is the result of nail plate not growing temporarily due to severe illness. Some of the rare cases of Beau' Lines result in transverse grooves on the nails, unilateral lines, and wrist immobilization.

How to diagnose fingernail Beau's Lines

Some of the experts are of the view that Beau's lines might be symbolic of malnutrition. It might represent zinc or iron deficiencies, anemia, or any such metabolic condition. It might also be because of a temporary condition when the area at the base of cuticle doesn’t grow due to any injury or due to some reason that stopped nail formation. These lines grow out with normal nail formation.

What are the treatments for Beau's Lines?

No specific treatment for Beau's lines exists as such but yes you can get some medical relief as per your individual condition. One of the primary and basic medi-care would be to apply anti-fungal daily. There are a few more things that could be done.

You can have a fifteen minute hand-soak oil bath. You can also cut your brittle nails after a bath and can moisturize it every time you wash your hands. When you go to bed, you apply moisturizer to your cuticles and nails and use cotton gloves to cover them. And when using nail polish removers, remember not to user removers with acetone which dries nails and also don’t use removers more than twice a month. You can always go for a little touch up.

You would find that with nail growth, the Beau's lines would split your nails. You can use clear polish or nail glue to work on them. Better still, keep your nails short, and use nail hardener. Always remember to avoid beauty products that contain sulfonamide, and formaldehyde and toluene as it irritates the skin or even cause it to redden. And yes, if the problem persists or aggravates, do consult your physician immediately.

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