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Design guide for home fitness gyms

Guidelines and tips for building your own home gym
This home gym design guide should help you maximise your floor space and get the most out of your home fitness centre. With so many choices for your home gym, from treadmills, elliptical, rowers and upright bikes, how do you equip your gym? what is the ideal layout design of the fitness equipment and how to they stack up on the floor plans?
There are 3 sections to the designing your ideal home gym:
  What are your physical fitness objectives for the home gym?Are you wanting to lose weight, build cardio resistance, tone your body or build muscle. These will depend on your age, male or female, fitness and health levels, do you have a partner, a family, etc
  Fitness equipment requirements and must haves for your home gym:In this section we will look at the must haves cardio machines, free weights and dumbbell sets, fitness equipment combinations best suited to your home gym and personal objectives, prices and fitness equipment reviews.
  Looking at the floor plans and layouts of home gyms:What pieces of equipment fit together, alternatives, minimum floor space requirements, dedicated workout areas, windows in the layout, mirrors and accessories.
Your home fitness objectives
Cardio, Weight loss and fat burn.
  How much are you over weight?Look at the height weight charts here. This will determine the type of cardio and aerobic exercise you need and how little weight training equipment is required.
  How is your body weight distributed?Are you top heavy or bottom heavy? Bottom heavy people need to focus on leg cardio exercises and get a Bike rather than an elliptical machine or cross trainer as well has have an area for aerobics exercises and step.
  Flabby skin and a bit of extra fat:Maybe a bit of beer gut, love handles, but nothing major? You will need a balanced home gym design allowing you to have complete fitness routines and workouts.
Toning and muscle building
  Toning exercises or pure strength training for bodybuilding?Weight training and bodybuilding for men require heavy weights and good complete gym, free weights are fundamental and peripheral equipment such as ab machines chin up bars and squat / bench press.
  Toning and muscle building for women: * Emphasis should be placed on the stretching area, aerobics and the intense use of medium to light free weights. Ideally you should be practicing Pilates and get a Pilates resistance machine. Determine where are want to be and the areas of the body you need to focus on and it will determine the equipment type in the home gym.
Current fitness levels and injuries
  How often do you exercise? Determining your overall fitness level will guide you in determining the priorities in the gym. Out of shape? your priority is cardio training and stretching, yoga and pilates for example.
  Practicing athletic sports?Muscle building is essential and you need to turn towards free weights and a complete home gym. If you already jog or run, less cardio equipment in the home gym might be needed and focus placed on stretching your muscles
  Think about injuries and weak joints: if you are out of shape, low impact equipment should be used. Protect your joints and weak ligaments. Use equipment with safety devices on them, avoid treadmills and favour cross trainers for cardio. Avoid sit-ups and get an ab machine for example.
Who are the users of the home Gym?
  Safety concerns in the home gym design: Are there small children in the house?. Do you have teens and their friends that will come in an use your gym? Have you used gym equipment before? will seniors be using it?
Managing the space layout of the home fitness gym
  Planning home gym fitness equipment needs in advance: Be true to your objectives and plan the equipment list and floor space allocation in advance. This way when you buy online or go to the store your priorities are set and will be less influenced.
  Buying your fitness equipment progressively:Any well designed home fitness gym needs to breath and have balance but fit with your needs and priorities. Buy your fitness machines progressively, see how the first ones fit and adjust your layout according to your fitness and workout evolution. Watch out for cables and electrical plug and wall sockets requirements as well.
Floor plans, space requirements and layouts for home gym design

In order to achieve maximum or 100 percent satisfaction and

The floor space required for a home gym is directly associated with the type of gym we would like to set. The basements are ideal for home gyms because the floors can support the heavy weights and equipment. 1110 foot area would be an optimum home fitness gym layout.

  Keep as big of a stretching area as you can. Ensure that when doing stretches no equipment comes into touch. You will require 30 to 40 square feet at least or 4 square meters of floor space.
  This zone is important to avoid the sense of clutter and claustrophobic that will make the room unpleasant
  Keep cardio equipment near windows, put the multi gym away from windows.
  Keep free weight rack, step, mat and bench in the same area. make sure that the mat and free weights are at arm length.
  Use mirrors in your gym. place mirrors on as many walls as you can. Place a full length mirror in front of your stretch zone. You must absolutely use a mirrors when using free weights when standing upright or on the bench. Mirrors allow you to make sure that good physical form is observed when doing your exercises.
The key success fitness success criteria is reaching the right level of sports fitness intensity in the exercise plan you have established. In order to be very fit, develop a toned
or even muscular body you will need to workout at a medium or high intensity level. If you are seeking balanced health rather than pure physical fitness, intensive fitness programs are not required as apposed leading an active life style.
Fitness equipment, must haves and combinations
Which cardio machine do you need?
  Must have cardio home gym equipment: At least one cardio machine is a must have, if the budget allows get 2: Ideal solution is to have cross trainer or elliptical
machine for all around cardio upper and lower body training. These pieces of training
equipment will generally require a power plug and between 20 and 30 square feet of space.
  Secondary cardio home gym equipment: A bike is ideal as a secondary cardio piece for lower body toning and fat burn. A rower is also an excellent second alternative. Cardio bikes are compact and take the least amount of square footage: 10. For smaller gyms, get a skip rope or step or for men, get a punching bag. It take little room and is a lot of fun.
Stretching and aerobics yoga pilates Zone:
  Minimum free zone:This zone is for stretching, working on the bench doing pilates or Yoga. This is the most important zone of the gym. It generally represents 25% to 50% of the ground space in the home gym.
  Required equipment for your zone: you need a stretching / pilates/ yoga matthat will do the entire length of your body. Get a think and durable one. keep this area clear. The second most essential piece is an inclined bench. You need one for using weights, certain floor exercises, crunchs, etc.
  Optional equipment:resistance bands and Pilates ball for stretching and abs, they are great for low impact toning and resistance exercises. Foam blocks and rollers for floor exercises.
Toning and muscles weights and resistance equipment
  Free weights and dumbbells: All the rest is optional, free weights are not! This is the most important piece of equipment for toning, weight training and muscle gain. Get a set and the rack for effective storage and safety.
  Home gym complete machine:There are two type of home gym machines: Those that use torsion bars and resistance bands and those that use pulleys and weights. Bowflex is the most sought after resistance full home gym kit. They are of excellent built quality and offer an enormous range of exercises. The price range is large and gives added safety of not having to lug weight around and getting pinched fingers.
  Optional strength muscle machines: Seated Calf Machine is used to develop our soleus muscle by doing the seated calf raise. Preacher Curl Bench helps isolate the biceps on curls. Doorway Pull-Up Bar is used to do pull-ups. Dip Station is used to do a variety of dips and pull-ups. Smith Machines could be used instead of free weights. Hyper Extension Bench is effective in building muscles of the lower back.
Other gym accessories
  Accessories:Get yourself some gloves when using weights. If you bench press consider getting a belt to protect your Lombard. Get a small trunk for storage for your gloves additional handles for your equipment, mats blocks, this will avoid tripping and accidents
  Video audio:In order to be motivated in your new gym, to follow your aerobics or yoga routines or workouts, consider a small 28 or 32 inch LCD screen on the wall with a small DVD player. Get a DVD player that also plays MP3s to enjoy your favourite music while you workout

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