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Basic fitness and exercise activities

Basic fitness activities to the tune of 2 to 3 hours of physical activity per week is a must.%50 of health is related to the amount of physical fitness activities that you do during the week, burning the excess calories burning fat and building your muscle mass while toning the body.
For many men and women fitness and sports is a hassle and some find time hard to make. Here we suggest some activities and health fitness tips to get your metabolism started while have a bit of fun
Gym for fitness and muscle toning
Most men and women no matter how fit they are stand to benefit from following a regime of a fitness training programme taylor-made and designed by a certified professional trainer or instructor. Health and fitness clubs gyms offer many personal training fitness and muscle programs designed by a pro or informing yourself and hitting the gym progressive works fine. People over 40 should get professional advice  from a trainer or doctor. Every good gym also offers aerobic classes some very intense targeting both body toning and fat burn. These athletic cooed classes in health and fitness gyms come generally in multiple levels, beginners, moderate and advance.
Dancing for increased blood circulation
So you might not be the most elegant dancer, none the less few activities combine so well the fun and fitness components of health. Dancing increases blood circulation uses 70% of all the muscle groups, generally promotes good postures and increase cardiac endurance and resistance. What more could you ask for?
Yoga Pilates weight loss & muscle strength
Yoga and Pilates  have received such acclaim over the years that it has spread thought the continents. These two activities are different with the ancient art of yoga focusing on balance stretching meditation and breathing and muscle strength. Yoga is renown to improve stretching abilities and calm back shoulder and neck pains. Whereas Pilates is a more intense physical workout focusing on the "core" strength muscle groups. Pilates uses equipment and your body weight for resistance. Nothing beats pilates for rock hard abs.
Exercise for Cardio resistance and strength
As part of the 5 key components of physical fitness, cardio training for endurance and resistance is essential for a healthy daily life. Cardio workouts help protect against coronary art diseases, heart attack and increases physical endurance. You can workout your heart at the gym using cardio equipment such as cross trainers, rowers and cycling machines or use the great outdoors as your cardio gym.
Swimming for endurance and back pain
Among many of the the ideal cardio workouts swimming is often one of the best exercises for toning cardio resistance and endurance as well as back pain resolution. Swimming protects the joints unlike many other sports and fitness activities. As well swimming in one of the cardio endurance fitness activities that works simultaneously the most muscle groups.
Walking or Jogging for joint and cardio resistance

Walking and jogging are two cost affective activities that many men and women could start and yet do not. You  do not require a gym membership or expensive fitness equipment.

It is important to separate  walking and jogging. For walking try using the stairs during the day at work, walk to shops instead of using public transportation or the car. Keep it at the top of your mind and next time use the stairs instead of the escalator.

Jogging does require a bit of care and preparation. Stretching is essential and an excellent pair of shoes. If you do have certain predispositions to back or joint pain, soft jogging and in good shoes can actually strengthen your joins. Get advice from your doctor or physician if you have any doubts.

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